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Busting some common myths about Ready-To-Eat Foods

There are many prevalent myths around ready to eat foods that are completely unfounded and untrue. These myths and misconceptions have often kept consumers from experiencing the convenience and satisfaction of enjoying ready to eat foods. While some consumers believe them to be full of artificial preservatives, others have concerns about hygiene, nutrition and more. Let us attempt to dispel any misconceptions and bust the myths that surround ready to eat foods.

  • Ready To Eat Foods are full of preservatives

A common misconception around ready to eat foods is that they are full of preservatives that are not good for our well-being. Over the years, the advent of technology has made it possible for leading brands such as Kitchens Of India, AAASHIRVAAD and ITC Master Chef to create preservative free ready to eat foods. Using state of the art technology and packaging processes, these brands make it possible for you to enjoy your favourite ready to eat foods without any added preservatives.

  • Ready To Eat Foods are unhealthy

Besides the presence of an over-abundance of preservatives, ready to eat foods also suffer from a perception that they are unhealthy and have very little nutritional content. This is an extremely common myth, and has led to many people missing out on the convenience and great taste offered by ready to eat foods. Once again brands like Kitchens of India, ITC Master Chef and AASHIRVAAD excel in this regard. Their products are not only prepared with real ingredients, but also offer nutritional content such as protein, calcium and are loaded with veggies.

  • Ready To Eat Foods are not fresh

Since ready to eat foods are prepared in advance, a lot of people believe this myth about them. However, this is not true for high quality ready to eat food makers such as Kitchens of India. Their products are packaged in a 4-layer special pouch and sterilized using retort process technology in order to retain the freshness and flavour of the food. Other brands such as ITC Master Chef Frozen Snacks preserve the freshness and taste of their products through the Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology. This not only preserves their freshness until you are ready to indulge yourself with some delicious food, but also locks in their taste, texture and nutritional qualities.

  • Ready To Eat Foods are unhygienic

Ready to eat food items from reputed brands such as ITC Master Chef, AASHIRVAAD and Kitchens of India are prepared, processed and packaged using state of the art technology. They meet all the optimal hygiene standards and are safe to consume. Extra care is taken to maintain not only the quality but also the hygiene levels of these foods in order to deliver the safest product to the consumer.

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