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How to Find the Best Burger in Texas

How do you know everything’s bigger and better in Texas?

You could start by looking at the burgers.

Texas is home to a world-renowned and fast-growing food scene. You have the perfect combination of Southwestern and Southern traditions. Sprinkle in Mexican influences and an entire Gulf of Mexico’s worth of seafood, and there’s no way you’re not eating well if you find yourself in the Lone Star State.

A good Texas burger is a staple in any restaurant in the Southwest, but in their home state, you can’t pass up the chance to try one.

But not every burger is built the same, and as we enter the 2020s we see food trends evolving. Luckily, not much has changed with the good old hamburger, but there are some tried and true qualities every sandwich should have.

Keep reading to learn how you can spot the best burgers when you’re in Texas.

The Bun

To find the best burger, you need to find the best bun to hold it all together.

We all think it’s what’s inside the burger that counts the most, but don’t forget, the bun is the first thing you taste.

The bun has its work cut out for it. It has to be able to hold the patty and toppings without falling apart.

It can’t get soggy, but it can’t be hard as a rock either. Most importantly, it has to taste good.

You have to be able to take the bun for itself and say, “I’d eat this with anything.”

Many Texas burger restaurants opt to use “egg buns” to achieve the perfect burger bun.

The eggs give the dough a sunny yellow color and make the texture fluffy yet strong.

The Patty

Many people frown upon using frozen patties in their Texas burgers, and rightly so. The best burgers always come from fresh ground beef.

The flavors in the meat are at their most ripe when they’re not frozen, and most Texas burgers use certified Angus beef.

Angus beef comes from a specially-raised breed of cow called the Aberdeen Angus.

What makes this beef a popular choice to use for burgers? Marbling.

The fat “marbles” through the meat evenly and beautifully. While not the best choice for leaner cuts of beef, Angus beef is rich and tender as ground beef for burger patties.

The best burger restaurants in Texas will freely share this information on their menu. Be sure to look for something like, “100% certified Angus beef, never frozen.” For a good example of what to look for, check out this prime burger on the menu at Becks Prime.

Ready to Find the Best Burger in Texas?

If your burger restaurant can’t get the bun and the patty right, there’s no hope for it.

No amount of toppings or delicious sides can save it. The best burger will have a balanced bun and a juicy, fresh patty. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

If you enjoyed this guide to finding the perfect Texas burger, be sure to check out more state-themed food guides on our blog!

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