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How to Make the Perfect Espresso Martini

Did you know that the Martini glass was invented before the Martini drink recipe was? One of the most famous and enjoyable options when it comes to drink making is the espresso martini. The best espresso martini has multiple steps that you’ll need to take if you want to get it just right.

As with any type of drink recipe, it is important that you have the right ingredients and in the right volume in order to get that perfect espresso martini taste. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about what it takes to make an espresso martini for you and your friends.

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You’ll need a bit of espresso coffee if you’re planning on making an espresso martini, though it is up to you to choose the type of coffee that you wish to use. Your best bet if you ask the experts at The Cocktail Shop is to go with some cold brew coffee for that perfect taste that you’ve imagined for your espresso martini experience.

You’ll need about 35ml of fresh coffee to make this drink come to life.

Vodka and Liqueur

You’ll also need some vodka to add to the drink recipe if you want that true espresso martini drinking experience. For the best results, use around 25ml of quality vodka. You can also mix in a bit of coffee liqueur or a different flavor of liqueur that goes well with that coffee taste.

Kahlua is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for a good liqueur that will take the taste of your perfect espresso martini to an entirely new level. Tia Maria is also a great substitute if you’re looking for something that tastes a bit more subtle compared to the strong flavors of Kahlua.

Try to use around 35ml of the liqueur of your choice and mix it in with the rest of your drink recipe.


Sugar is another vital ingredient for any decent espresso martini recipe. It is up to you to decide if you want to use sugar syrup for your espresso martini or if you’d rather go with crystalized sugar. Make sure that you’re also including some ice to give your espresso martini that chilled temperature that makes it so perfect on a warm night.

Making Your Espresso Martini

In order to make your espresso martini the right way, make sure that you’re placing the martini glasses in your freezer for around 20 minutes. Next, you’ll put some ice in a shaker and add the vodka, liqueur of your choice, and the espresso coffee. Add more sugar if you want to make a sweeter martini.

Now You’re Ready to Serve an Amazing Espresso Martini to Your Friends

Learning how to make an espresso martini isn’t difficult, you just need the right supplies and ingredients. Make sure that you’re chilling the martini glasses for around 20 minutes if you want that perfect espresso martini experience.

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