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Wine in a Can Is the Way of the Future

Think wine in a can is just a fad and are highly skeptical of all the hype? Think again. Wine in a can is practically made for our 21st-century lifestyles – and it tastes just as good as its bottled counterparts. In fact, just as many people preferred canned wine over bottled wine in a blind taste test. Still not convinced? Well, stay tuned for a ton of reasons that will definitely convince you that wine in a can is the way of the future.

How Does Wine in a Can Work?

Obviously you know that beer can be canned, but what about wine? How does this process actually work for something that has been stored in glass bottles for centuries? It actually depends on the wine. This is because the wine itself interacts with the aluminum in the cans. In the old days, this meant that wine could not be canned. But thanks to new technology, special linings have been created to eliminate this negative reaction and make it totally possible to can wines. Before any wine is canned, it has to undergo testing to see how it reacts with the lining. White wines and rose in a can are typically more popular options because they are less corrosive to the lining, whereas red wines are more challenging to work with in this arena.

Why Drink Wine in a Can?

Now that you know the process of canning wine, you’re probably wondering why we should even go through all this work and hassle at all when we can just get wine from a regular old bottle. If you are a true wine lover, you have probably wished before that you could easily transport your favorite chardonnay to the beach or the pool to enjoy on a warm afternoon. However, lugging around a big glass bottle isn’t really convenient or even safe. Canned wines are a great solution to this because they are more portable and convenient than huge glass bottles. You can easily throw a few cans in a small cooler or even a backpack for a beach day, a picnic at the park, or even a game night at a friend’s house!

Another reason why people like to drink canned wine is that there’s less pressure to drink an entire bottle. Uncorking a wine bottle seems like a big deal and can also make you feel like you have to finish the entire bottle unless you want to try to somehow save it in the fridge. Canned wine solves this problem by giving you smaller portion sizes and can actually help you manage your drinking! At the same time, you need to remember that many cans contain two glasses of wine in just one little container so they aren’t really something that you should down too quickly.

Overall, wine in a can is better for the environment because the cans hold a decent amount of wine and can then be easily recycled after you’re done. In a world where climate change is always a concern, we need to do everything that we can to reduce our overall waste and prevent additional warming that will only continue to harm the planet that we love.

Does Wine in a Can Taste Good?

Another thing that people wonder about canned wine is if it actually tastes good. As it turns out, it tastes just as good as it does in a bottle! Of course, the entire concept might take some getting used to since it’s seen as less “formal” but we promise that the first time you are able to enjoy your favorite wine in the convenience of a can with the same amazing taste – you will become a believer.

Who Drinks Wine in a Can?

Millennials who love casual wine drinking are probably the typical “wine in a can” customer. They do not believe that drinking wine has to be formal and pretentious and simply want to enjoy a nice crisp pinot grigio whenever, wherever! In addition to millennials, wine in a can is popular with environmentalists due to recyclability as well as sports fans who love the portability and convenience that makes it great for tailgates and games.

Are Cans Here to Stay?

A few years ago, wine in a can could have been considered a fad. But it has shown no signs of slowing down, so we think it’s fair to say that canned wine is here to stay. No big change happens overnight, and the canned wine market has slowly grown in the industry and enjoyed 69% growth in 2019 to a whopping $70 million value. Some people say that if these trends continue, canned wine could make up 30% of the market in just a few years. Clearly, canned wine is here to stay so hop on the train and enjoy the ride!

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