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3 kheer varieties – toddlers love

Kheer is one of the most loved Indian sweet dishes among children. It has a soupy texture- easy to eat for children instead of solid food, which they generally make a fuss about eating. It is the perfect sweet dish with healthy ingredients for children and easy-to-make for the parents. Any type of kheer is easy to digest for your toddler.

Kheer is of many types and you can try to experiment with your children and see what they like best.

Here are 3 popular kheer variations that are loved by children:

  1. Rice Kheer

There are a number of easy rice kheer recipes online that you can check out. Rice is rich in Vitamin B, Iron, proteins and carbs whereas milk is rich in bone-strengthening nutrients such as calcium, vitamin D, protein. Optionally, one can add almonds as well for the goodness of Vitamin E and antioxidants. Rice kheer, an easy-to-make sweet dish is an ideal meal for the toddler in the house so that the parents don’t have to spend loads of time standing in the kitchen. The dish takes about 15 to 20 mins to make, which is extremely convenient for the parents.

  1. Sabudana Kheer 

Sabudana is an extremely helpful ingredient for your child’s healthy weight and height gain. It is full of carbohydrates and revives the body’s energy levels. It is not only an affordable ingredient but also helpful for fussy toddlers or those who might be suffering from eating disorders at this age. It is easy to swallow and digest for the toddler, which will encourage him/her to eat the kheer without cribbing. Sabudana should be soaked in water overnight to soften it and then, it can be made into kheer the following morning. You can find many sabudana kheer recipes online and experiment with the flavour to keep it exciting and new for the child every time.

  1. Carrot Kheer

Some parents might be under a misconception that feeding carrots to toddlers might not be the right choice because it’s hard to swallow and digest. However, it is not necessary to serve carrots in raw form to children. Carrots can be boiled and made into a smooth paste by grinding them to make kheer out of this paste. This kheer is easy for the toddler to digest it. If you wish to add nuts to the kheer, make sure you grind them properly to avoid the toddler from choking on the small pieces. You can serve the kheer hot or cold, depending on the child’s preference.

There are many more variations of kheer that you can try to feed your child to see what he/she likes, but these flavours are by far the most loved ones out of the lot and are preferred by parents as well since they take less time to prepare.

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