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7 Common Wedding Catering Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wedding bells are ringing — and now you have a hundred different decisions to make and things to take care of. Weddings are a lot of work. As soon as you start to plan that wedding you see that it’s your responsibility to make sure that the shindig goes off without a hitch.

One of those important decisions to make is what you will be serving for a meal. Too often, wedding catering mistakes are made and your whole day has a taint to it. From deciding what is best to serve your guests to making sure your caterers have everything they need, all of the decisions are mandatory.

Before you find yourself stressed over the meal plan, let’s go over some of the tips that could best help your big day! Here are seven common mistakes to watch out for when planning your wedding catering.

1. A Complex Menu Is Not a Requirement

Many couples believe that their wedding food needs to be extravagant. They begin planning meals that many people can’t pronounce and may not even be on the pallet of most individuals. Caterers, trying to appease their clients will do the best they can.

When it comes to your wedding, keep your menu simple. Your guests aren’t going to remember the food, especially from your big day. At least, we hope that’s not what they take out of our nuptials.

A simple menu with a few options is a much better deal.

2. Proper Notice Is Imperative

We get that the options for caterers can be vast. This doesn’t mean that you can wait till the last moment to pick who is making and serving your food. Some brides and grooms make the habit of picking their menu within days of the wedding.

This is added stress that you and your caterer don’t need. Choose your caterer with plenty of advanced notice so that together you can come up with the right menu to serve. This way it’s one less thing you have to stress over.

3. Keep Everything Within Budget

We understand that sometimes you might think that paying more for something is better. Your wedding day doesn’t need to include lobster tails and an open bar if it isn’t affordable. You should not be putting yourself into debt over what you should be serving.

Having a wedding catering budget will help you to know what you should be spending per plate. Speak with different caterers to go over what options you have.

4. Know Your Venue

The last thing you need is to hire a caterer that needs to use a kitchen, only to find out that your venue doesn’t include kitchen use. This creates problems for all parties involved.

Wedding venue regulations need to be identified first. Find out if your caterer can cook right in the provided kitchen or if everything needs to be done in advance.

The last thing your wedding party needs is to find out that your caterer doesn’t have the right tools to prep your meal. All questions should be asked to the venue in advance. Keep a checklist to refer to if possible.

5. Always Look Into a Catering History

A common mistake that the bride and groom make is to pick food that they’ve never tried before. They hear from a friend of a friend that the food is good and they make a hire. On the day of the wedding, they learn that the company is a mess and the food isn’t that great.

On your big day, you want food that you know you love. Make sure to go with a company that you’re familiar with. Hiring wedding caterers turn into a big part of your wedding.

Always try the food before you decide to serve it to your friends and family.

6. Exclusivity Without Options

While some problems consist of serving too many different types of foods, others do not incorporate enough choices For your wedding options are always a great idea. Not all of your guests will eat one choice of chicken and rice.

Be sure to think about what your guest’s pallets might be. You could have family and friends that have allergies and sensitive stomachs. It’s always a good idea to try and have a variety that includes alternatives to your main course.

A good wedding menu will allow for different types of food to be included on your big day. While your guests aren’t the most important part of your wedding, it’s always important to keep your loved ones in mind.

7. Stick To a Menu You Love

Too many couples serve food that they aren’t crazy about. You realize after the wedding that you’re still hungry and end up stopping for fast food. For a day that is all about you, this is unacceptable.

When choosing what your menu will be, keep yourselves in mind. Hire a catering service that you and your partner can both agree on.

There are plenty of catering services options that would be happy to participate in giving you the meal you’ll want to remember and enjoy.

Be Sure to Avoid These Wedding Catering Mistakes

The catering for your wedding may not be the biggest part of your day, but it is still important. Make sure you avoid these wedding catering mistakes and take all precautions to have the best plan possible. Your wedding will be beautiful regardless of the food you serve.

For more tips on wedding trends and other holidays, we’re here to help you with that! Look through our other articles for more food subjects you’ll need to taste and try for yourself!

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