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3 Tips for Successfully Catering Corporate Events

More businesses are turning to private catering for their major events in recent years. With over $22 billion in spending on catering in 2019, the future looks bright for catering businesses!

Do you have a catering business, or are you considering getting catering services for your business event?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, this is excellent advice every caterer and event planner should know. So no matter if you’re catering corporate events or a family gathering, read these three tips to help you plan an incredible event!

1. Choosing the Menu

There are several things to think about when choosing the menu for your event. Here are the most important factors to consider:

Consider the Attendees

When planning a meal for an upcoming event, consider the attendees. What kind of event is it? Will a selection of small snacks work nicely? If there will be a lot of children and teens, you may need to increase your servings and prepare appropriately.

Service Styles

There are several types of food service styles to offer at your event, but the most popular ones include:

  • Buffet
  • Tray Pass
  • Plated

While each type has benefits and drawbacks, choose one that best suits your event’s requirements, catering portions, budget, and occasion to avoid difficulties.

Plenty of Options

Offering many food options for guests, including vegetarian choices, ensures that non-meat eaters may enjoy your outstanding cuisine. Providing increasingly popular meat-, dairy-, and gluten-free options guarantees no one is left out.

Also, list allergens and label dishes if applicable. Note any dairy, egg, wheat, or nut allergies, and be prepared to answer questions from your guests.

2. Being Prepared is Key

The key to planning a successful catering event is to be fully prepared for any situation that may arise.

When planning your event menu, provide both hot and cold food choices. Preparing ahead of time is easier when not all items have to be served warm. This is particularly important if the venue’s kitchen doesn’t have enough oven space.

Prep your cold dishes ahead of time to prepare for a smooth, stress-free event. Be sure to chop vegetables and fruits and arrange tables and cooking stations ahead of time. This will allow you to concentrate on serving the meal, maintaining appropriate food temperatures, and catering to the guests’ needs.

3. Hire a Professional Caterer Service

When you need a seamless event, call the pros. A professional caterer service has ample experience in planning and catering corporate events.

Imagine how much time and work you will save by not planning, preparing, and cooking meals for your visitors. Hiring a caterer eliminates all of that.

A good caterer will also meet with you before the event to discuss the menu. So whatever your needs, a catering business will work with you to make them a reality.

Not to mention, cleaning up after an office party or end-of-year function is the last thing you want to worry about. Professional caterers will clean up after themselves, enabling you to rest after throwing a great event!

Ready to Start Catering Corporate Events?

Now that you’ve discovered these three easy tips for catering corporate events, you’re sure to have a successful event that your guests will remember and enjoy! And keep in mind, you can always reach out to professional caterers for help with corporate event catering.

Are you looking for more tips about event planning? Check out the rest of our blog for more advice!

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