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3 Reasons Why Farm to Home Meat Is Better for You

Meat adds protein and flavor to virtually any meal. Knowing where your meat comes from can play a role in just how healthy it really it is to consume.

Globally, humans consume around 350 million tons of meat every year.

Before you purchase grocery store meat, read on for a list of three benefits that farm-to-home meat provides.

1. Farm Frest Meat is Healthier

Most grocery store meat comes from factory farms where conditions aren’t ideal. When you purchase farm-to-home meat, you’ll know exactly where your food comes from and how it’s produced.

Mass-produced meat is usually not as high in quality as local farm-raised meat. That’s because these massive farms use grains and other types of food that aren’t typically rich in nutrients.

Local farms prefer to use organic feed for their cattle, pigs, and poultry instead of antibiotics and steroids. As a result, you’re eating meat that’s healthier for your body, too.

Ask your local farmer how they feed and raise their animals. If they use organic methods and cage-free environments, there’s a good chance their meat is healthy for you.

2. Farm-to-Home Meat is Better for the Environment

When you buy meat from the grocery store, it has to travel long distances to get there. This contributes to more harmful gases going into the environment.

Purchasing meat from local farms means that your food has a much shorter distance to travel. In many cases, you will also pay less since there are no transportation costs associated with the food.

Many ethical and sustainable farms also ship their meats directly to your door. You can visit to learn more and to shop online.

Even if your meat is shipped to you, farms that practice eco-friendly methods are best for the environment as a whole. These farmers have great respect for their animals and our planet, too.

3. You’ll Help the Community

If you buy organic meat from local farmers, you’re putting money back into the local community. Purchasing food from these farmers shows your support and keeps them in business.

Consider visiting a local farmer’s market to buy your next batch of high-quality meat. Some farms also offer meat delivery services within a certain radius. You might also be able to get a discount as a repeat customer.

Whatever way you choose to shop, it’s a great way to give something back to the people in your neighborhood. Not only are you showing support financially, but you’re also supporting their business practices as a whole.

Choose Healthy Meat Today

Keep these benefits in mind when you choose to buy farm-to-home meat. Not only are you supporting small or local businesses, but you’re also contributing to a healthier body and environment.

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