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Top 3 Tips For Finding The Best Local Restaurants While Traveling

Getting authentic food when traveling can be a challenge. But with a little bit of research, you can enjoy meals that are reminiscent of home and also offer some variety from what you’re used to eating.

A great place to get started is by browsing online. Many food and travel bloggers will provide recommendations that can help you find hidden gems while traveling abroad.

Ask Locals

Locals know the best restaurants in Long Beach. So, ask for recommendations. You can do this by asking the concierge at your hotel, asking friends who have visited the area before or even using a website like Eat Your World. This website allows you to search for restaurants around the globe that are recommended by locals.

Another good way to find the best local restaurants is to look for places that are not overcrowded with tourists. This usually means that the food is better and the prices are reasonable.

If a restaurant has a lot of native speakers or is off the beaten path, it is probably a local gem. The staff will also likely be familiar with patrons, so it is more culturally authentic. Add this spot to a list in your smartphone and make sure to visit at non-peak hours! This will ensure you get the best experience possible. Also, be sure to tip the staff a few dollars, they work hard.

Check Online Reviews

Many travel sites offer a comprehensive search feature for restaurants. While these are often geared towards larger cities and their tourist crowds, smaller towns will undoubtedly have hidden gems for local food. Often, these restaurants will also be recognized by the online community and given awards such as the prestigious TripAdvisor Best Restaurants Award.

Another great source for finding a local restaurant is to visit a food blog for that specific destination. These blogs are usually written by locals who love to explore different food places in their city or country. Moreover, they will usually list some restaurants that are worth visiting in their destinations along with their prices and other details.

Another good way to find a local restaurant is to sign up for a culinary tour. These tours are guided by a local food expert who will take you to different places that serve authentic dishes. It is a great way to taste some of the best cuisines in that city or country.

Look for Hidden Gems

Taking the time to hunt out local food while traveling is a great way to enhance your vacation. A plate of something exotic can create memories as strong as any hike or architectural marvel. Sadly, many tourist traps take advantage of travelers by serving up overpriced and bland food that isn’t representative of the region’s cuisine.

One of the best ways to avoid these places is to ask for recommendations from people who live in the area. This can be a taxi driver, the receptionist at your hotel or even friends who have visited before. Just be cautious when asking a hotel employee as they may get a commission from the restaurants they recommend.

Another excellent resource is the popular website Yelp. This site encourages small, locally owned businesses and gives them a voice against the larger chains. They also allow searches to be filtered by price range and style of cuisine. Additionally, there are apps like LocalEats that show only the most popular local restaurants in a destination.

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