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Tips to Attract Families with Kids to Your Restaurant 

Kids in families tend to have a lot of say on where and what to eat. With several families having kids, attracting them means more revenue. If you want your restaurant to be the ultimate time out for families with kids, several ideas are available to implement. Read along to find out these tips.

  • Provide a warm welcome 

The first way to keep your restaurant kids-friendly is to ensure that everyone is comfortable. Most of the parents will observe how you welcome them. If they are visiting for the first time, in most cases, they are not sure if your place is ideal. You need the warm welcome to ease them into the environment.

Train your staff on how best to welcome the kids. You might have a waitress at the entrance giving directions for the various services.

  • Prepare a Kid-friendly menu.

Once you understand how kids determine what families eat, make it your mission to impress them through the food. Most fast foods are popular with families as they offer menus that appeal to kids. Incorporate the same in your restaurant.

Prepare foods that kids want to eat. Most of the kids are not looking for anything sophisticated, as would an adult. Instead, they want to have fun with the food. Create a signature dish meant only for kids. Also, consider some popular foods with kids like pizza, chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and spaghetti.

While you might include the kids’ menu with the general one, let it stand out. Include photos of the foods on the kids’ offerings.

  • Let your marketing resonate with the kids. 

The success of your restaurant depends on your ability to retain current customers and attract new ones. If you are looking to get new clients, then you need a robust marketing robust strategy. Notably, the design must resonate with the target audience. Kids, in this case.

Most kids today consume digital content. You don’t have to spend money on traditional restaurant promotions options like on TV. Instead, create unique restaurant promotion ideas for social media and other digital platforms. Most people own mobile devices, with a restaurant marketing app like ChowEasy, you can still reach a majority of the prospective clients.

  • Create a kids corner 

Creating a kids’ corner in your restaurant is one of the best restaurant promotion ideas for families with kids. The kids can have a place to play with toys, listen to music, and interact with other kids.

The kids playing space allows for better enjoyment which increases their chances of return. You also get to sell more, compared to when offering food only.

  • Host kids events 

The other creative restaurant promotion idea is to host special kids events in your restaurant from time to time. Parents won’t have to wonder if you are the best place for them with the focused events. The prospect of various activities for kids makes it more appealing.

Bottom Line 

Families with kids are one of the largest customer bases for restaurants. Use the various creative restaurant promotion ideas to keep them visiting. Ensure the families are comfortable and provide kid-friendly services.

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