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How to Properly Store Wine: The 4 Essentials You Need to Know

If you enjoy collecting and drinking different wines, then you need to know how to store them properly.

The way you store your wine really depends on how much wine you’ve got and the space you live in. You need to know how to properly store wine in order to maintain its great taste, but not everyone has the ability to dedicate an entire room or basement to store wine correctly.

In this post, we’re going to tell you the 4 wine storing essentials that you should abide by. Read on and you’ll have the tools to store your wine in the best way for your situation.

1. Cool, But Not Cold

Wine has to be stored at a controlled temperature, ideally between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s too hot, then the wine will age far faster than is desirable and at higher temperatures, your wine is likely to get “cooked”. If you let it sit in temperatures over 75 degrees, then you’re likely to see some issues.

You can keep your wines in the refrigerator for a couple of months, but over time, it’ll start to dry out the corks. When this happens, air can seep into the bottles and start to spoil the wine. When bottles are left in temperatures that the wine could potentially freeze, then it could expand enough to push the cork out.

2. No Temperature Swings

If you can keep your wine in between the 45-65 degree range, temperature swings won’t do much to harm the product. However, rapid or frequent temperature changes can cause seepage and potentially push the cork out as it expands and contracts. Again, in hotter temperatures, the wine will end up cooking.

Do your best to keep the wine in a stable environment and you’ll ensure that it stays delicious for as long as you need it to.

3. Keep Light Out

Light is another big problem for wine. You should never store your wine in a place that gets direct sunlight, like a window or near a door. Most commonly, people will keep their wine collection in the basement or in a cellar.

Incandescent or LED lightbulbs are the way to go in your storage area. Fluorescent ones emit a small amount of UV light, which can spoil the wine if left on for too long.

4. Keep Them Sideways

The best way to rest your wine bottles is to have them on their side, which allows the wine to keep the cork moist. You can purchase wood wine racks in various sizes to keep them sideways and fit your wine collection without taking up too much space.

Now You Know How to Properly Store Wine

Now that you know how to properly store wine, you can start adding to your wine collection. Buying wine comes with a lot of responsibility, but it’s really gratifying to build up a collection that you can impress guests with and enjoy on your own. As long as you store it properly, it’ll taste great for years to come.

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