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How the Dutch like their sandwiches

Everyone who comes from the Netherlands has a certain type of bread topping that he or she likes most One person is crazy about jam, another about cheese, but everyone has something typically Dutch that they could eat with bread or crackers, all day long. Although the Dutch do not have many really distinctive cultural expressions, they are known for their special eating habits. In this blog, we highlight a number of typical Dutch toppings that the average Dutchie cannot do without.

Cheese cheese and…more cheese
Many Dutch people eat a lot of cheese, and we are not talking about just any cheese, no, they prefer Gouda cheese. This cheese is extremely popular and is often eaten at breakfast and lunch. You can make a sandwich with cheese, or a cracker with cheese. The currant bun with butter and cheese is a favorite of many Dutch children. Whether it is melted cheese, ordinary cheese, young, old or mature cheese. You can make a real Dutchie incredibly happy with a piece of Gouda cheese.

Sprinkles in every form
Something else the Dutch like to eat for breakfast or lunch is hagelslag. Hagelslag is a typical Dutch food, they can be compared to sprinkles. However, these sprinkles are not only used on cake or ice cream, the Dutch eat hagelslag on crackers, rusks, bread and rice waffles or corn waffles. The most common form of hagelslag is chocolate hagelslag. These are found in white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. In addition, there are countless other forms of hagelslag available in the Netherlands. Think, for example, of fruit sprinkles or aniseed sprinkles in blue or pink, which are often eaten at the birth of a new baby.

Peanut butter
To continue on the subject of bread toppings, we would also like to mention the Dutch love of peanut butter. Although ‘pindakaas’ (peanut butter) is perhaps not entirely a Dutch product, there are few countries where it is eaten as much as in the Netherlands. Peanut butter is combined in the most extraordinary ways. Some of the most popular combinations are: Pindakaas with jam, pindakaas with (yes there they are again) chocolate sprinkles, pindakaas with sambal and cheese with pindakaas. Believe it or not, the Dutch are absolutely crazy about their favorite bread toppings and special combinations. Are you curious about trying some of these delicious bread toppings? Take a look at all the food from Holland at the Dutch Expat Shop and see if there is anything you would like!


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