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Cutting the Soft Cheese: Tips to Slice Like a Pro

Cheese was first created over 7,000 years ago as a result of curdling milk during long-distance transportation and delivery. Now there are hundreds of different types as well as a plethora of different uses for cheese.

Preparing a beautiful cheese platter requires more than just a great selection of cheeses. The presentation is also important, especially for soft cheese. Certain cheeses require special cheese cutters as the cut can also affect its flavor.

If you want to perfect your cheese cutting skills, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn how to cut soft cheese like a pro and where you can find the best cheese cutters.

When In Doubt, Make It a Wedge

Cutting soft cheese into a wedge is your best bet to help keep the contents together and make it look presentable.

With a wheel of cheese, a wedge is also the easiest way to get proper portions so that they can be evenly dispersed as a sharing platter. Depending on the consistency of the cheese, you can gauge the thickness of the wedge. With a super soft cheese like brie, you can make thicker wedges, while a semi-soft cheese like Havarti can be cut into thin wedges.

There are handy soft cheese cutters that can help you achieve the perfect wedge cut and avoid crumbling.

Focus on the Surface Area of Your Cut

You might be surprised to know that the way you cut cheese can also affect its flavor.

The more surface area there is with your cut, means more flavor to the cheese. When you cut cheese into cubes, there is only a small surface area of flavor that hits your tongue. With a large surface area, you can make the most out of the flavor.

One way that you can do this is to opt for thin wedges and wider slices to enhance each bite.

Use a Soft Cheese Knife

Cheese is a delicate food and requires proper handling. With the wrong utensils, the cheese will stick to the knife and ultimately create a big mess.

This is especially true when cutting soft cheese. These usually have a creamy center and a delicate rind, requiring a special cutting technique and a specific knife. You will need a thin, sharp blade to cut through soft cheese without mutilating it.

There are handy cheese cutters that will help you perfect every cut of cheese.

Cut From the Center

For most soft cheeses, the best technique you can use is cutting from the center.

If you want to cut soft cheese, start the incision from the center and make your way to the edge of the rind, as you would a birthday cake. A cheese cutter will help you make a clean cut and ensure the cheese stays intact for a decorative platter.

Perfecting Your Soft Cheese Cutting Skills

While we all love to eat cheese, not everyone knows how to cut it properly. This is a delicate process that requires the right skills and the right tools. Be sure to use a soft cheese knife, cut from the center, make it into a wedge, and capitalize on the surface area.

If you found this article helpful, keep coming back to our blog for cheese cutting tips and more!

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