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The operations of a rice cooker

Capic is one of the leading manufacturer of professional kitchen equipment in France. One of the equipment is the rice cooker machine.

If you cook rice regularly, then a rice cooker is a must-have in your kitchen. A rice cooker is a small kitchen appliance which is automated. It is used in boiling or steaming rice.

This appliance consists of a cooking bowl, heat source and a thermostat. The latter is used in measuring the temperature in the cooking bowl. It also helps in controlling the heat.

We shall explore on its major benefits and how it works in this article.

Functions of a rice cooker

Some of its major functions of an industrial rice cooking machine are;

  • Gently steaming the rice.
  • Timing and controlling the heat.
  • Maintaining the right temperatures as you cook.
  • Knowing when to stop cooking when the rice is ready.

Benefits of a rice cooker

A rice cooker has a number of advantages. They include;

  1. It is easy to use

A rice cooker has a manual with clear and precise point on how to easily use it.

  1. Minimal supervision

Since everything is automated, you are left with little to do. This is because it handles almost all the work.

  1. Keeps your rice warm

You can be guaranteed warm rice while finishing up cooking the rest of your food.  This is because most rice cookers have a warming feature.

  1. Cooks other meals

A rice cooker is not only limited to cooking rice only. It handles other types of meals. It can;

  • Makes breakfast

Enjoy your oat meals and other hot cereals using this machine. It consists of a “keep warm” function that helps your food from getting cold.

  • Steaming vegetables

Some rice machines have a steamer rack.  You can use it to cook fish fillet, potatoes, chicken breasts, cut vegetables and many more.

  • Poach fruits

If you are a lover of healthy desserts, this machine will work for you. You can make fruit sauces, wines or maple syrup.

  • Make risotto

You can make your scrumptious risotto without stirring by use of this machine.

  • It makes soup

With enough time and liquid, it will create long-simmered meals. This is done without scorching or boiling. You can also make very tasty stews using this machine.

  1. Cooks perfect rice

You can be assured that your rice will be perfectly cooked. You will enjoy cooked fluffy rice.


With the evolvement in technology, the cooking field has also not been left behind. You do not have to go through all the trouble of cooking rice the charcoal way.

The rice cooker will help you in doing so. You can also attend to other chores without any worry since it does all the work for you.

When purchasing one, consider the one that perfectly fits with your rice cooking needs. A machine that will not fail you. One that you can comfortably recommend to somebody else.

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