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7 Gift Ideas for the Meat Lover in Your Life

Every single year, during the holiday season, we struggle with gift giving. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to find the perfect gift idea for a friend, a family member, or Debbie from Accounting. Especially when the etiquette about what to do with a gift you don’t like can get so murky.

Well, muddle no more, fellow gift givers. If there’s someone in your life who can’t get enough of meat, for whom “vegan” would be something akin to a swear word, then we’ve got the perfect guide for you. These 7 gift ideas will be sure to tickle the taste buds and fancies of any meat-lover in your life.

1. Fire Up the Grill(ing Tools)

It’s no joke to say that a meat-lover’s best tool is their grill. Far from being a clichéd Fathers Day gift, a proper grill and a set of new grilling tools may be just what your steak junkie friend needs in their lives.

If they don’t already have a decent grill, consider helping them invest in one. If they do, then see what brushes, tongs, and skewers they have need upgrading or replacing. Trust us, they’ll appreciate having the right tools for their medium.

2. Subscribe for Easier Gift Giving With Meat Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes exist for every interest that you can think of, and can make gift giving an easy process. There are plenty of jerky and meaty snack boxes on the market. However, if you want to really impress your loved ones with meaty perfection, you’ll want to invest in a meat subscription box.

Giving them a meat subscription box like the ones offered by our friends at Golden Steer can give them access to high-quality cuts of steak and other meaty delights.

3. Knives Are a Great Gift Any Way You Slice It

If there’s any one tool that every chef worth their salt has on their Christmas gifts wishlist, it’s a knife. Steak knives can seem a dime a dozen when you see them on the shelves of big-box stores. However, those knives don’t always last as long as they should.

If you want to wow the meat lover in your life, invest in a proper set of steak knives for them. This will let them get as rough or as fine of a cut as they want for their steaks or poultry.

4. Bring Some Spice Into Their Lives

Everyone has their own opinions about the way that steak should be seasoned. Some hold that anything more than a pinch of salt and pepper on each side does a disservice to the meat itself. Others believe that you need a good, strong seasoning profile to make your steak stand out above the crowd.

No matter what the meat lover in your life believes, they need high-quality spices to get the job done. Your standard, cheap table salt simply won’t cut it here. You need fresh-ground, fresh-cracked salt and pepper to make mouthwatering meals.

5. Up to Temp

If you’re looking for simpler, more practical gift options, a meat thermometer is perfect. Let’s face it, no one enjoys getting a bad case of food poisoning from undercooked meat. A bad enough bout with undercooked meat can turn even the most ardent meat lover off of the stuff for a while.

To avoid such a tragic happenstance, you should ensure that they have a high-quality meat thermometer. That way, they can ensure that their favorite dishes have reached the appropriate internal temperature the first time (and every time). No undercooked meat, no food poisoning, no muss, no fuss.

6. Follow the Recipes for Great Gift Ideas

Let’s say you have someone in your life who loves meat. Adores it. Orders it everywhere they can. However, they are completely hopeless at cooking the stuff themselves.

Maybe they overcook it or don’t let it sear for long enough. Perhaps they drown it in so much salt that the flavor is lost, or they under season the meat so much that it’s bland. Or, perhaps they want to cook more meat, but simply don’t have the time to do so with more conventional methods.

Whatever the case may be, the poor cook of a meat lover in your life could benefit from a recipe book. You can find meaty recipes for grilling, frying, slow cooking, even pressure cooking in an Instant Pot.

7. Meaty Gift Cards

Gift cards might seem like a bit of a cop-out as far as gifts go, but let’s be honest with ourselves. What would the meat lover in our lives appreciate more? Another bargain-priced set of grilling tools, or a gift card to a butcher that sells wagyu steak?

A thrown-together set of spices purchased in bulk from a big-box store, or a card to a specialized spice store where they can pick out their favorite seasonings? A set of steak knives you found on a steep discount from Amazon or a code for massive savings on a known, trusted high-end brand of knives used by chefs?

Exactly. While many gifting tips ignore gift cards out of hand, we caution you not to forget the power that letting someone choose their own gifts can have.

Looking for More Gift Giving Ideas?

We hope this list of 7 presents the meat lovers in your life would enjoy has given you plenty of gift giving ideas to chew on. However, if you’re in the market for some more food for thought regarding Christmas gifts, or any other gifts, then check out our blog. We update each day with more delicious food and drink related articles like this one.

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