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What Does Your Favorite Coffee Roast Reveal About You?

Did you know that the States is one of the top countries in coffee consumption? Americans have over 150 million daily coffee drinkers.

Each coffee drinker has a go-to coffee roast, whether it is light, medium, or dark. The different coffee roasts each tell a different story. Are you curious to find out what your favorite coffee roast says about you?

Read more to find out!

The Science Behind Food Preference and Personality

Over the years, researchers found a plethora of different outcomes when studying the connection between food preference and personality traits. For example, a study found that adventurous people prefer spicy food, while people pleaser tend to overeat when food is offered to them.

This may seem abstract to you, but there is a connection between preference and personality. Adventurous types tend to like the thrill of adrenaline, and spicy food gives that to a certain extend.

The burning feeling is our body telling us that there is something wrong; adrenaline is released, much like with skydiving, to counteract the so-called “danger” we put ourselves in.

As you can see, there is a slight connection in this example.

It is much the same in the different coffee roasts offered. From light to medium and medium to dark, each roast is telling about the person who is drinking it. Continue reading here for fair-trade options of all roasts!

Light Roast: The Epicurean

The light roast is often consumed by those who enjoy the finer things in life and throws in a bit of adventure in the mix as well.

A light roast coffee is done roasting right after the first crack. It often maintains the subtle flavors of the original state of the coffee bean. These flavors are often lost when you add cream and sugar, so it is better enjoyed as a black coffee.

It is also the roast that offers the most caffeine and is best for those who appreciate an energetic adventure.

Medium Roast: The Balancer

Medium roast, as the name implies, is a happy middle ground between light and dark. During the process of coffee roasting, the bean is caramelized the longer it roasts.

Medium roasts usually retain some of the subtle and unique citrusy flavors of a light roast and introduce some hints of chocolaty flavors of a dark roast.

Those who enjoy a medium roast prefer balance and don’t tend to lean towards a certain extreme. The balancer prefers to have a taste of both sides and should not be confused with someone who takes the middle road. The medium roast tells you that they like variety in their life.

Dark Roast: The Bold

“Fortune favors the bold.” Those who like a dark roast are often bold in personality and prefer their foods to have strong and telling flavors. This is because, much like their personalities, a dark roast offers complexity and mystery.

Perhaps fortune favors the bold because they have much to offer in life. Those who enjoy a dark roast can handle what life throws at them, and they may be tougher than what you first thought.

Which Coffee Roast Do You Prefer?

Each coffee roast offers unique flavors, even if it is the same bean. Which coffee roast is your favorite? And what does it say about your personality?

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