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7 Factors To Consider When Finding The Best Halal Ramen

Ramen is a Japanese dish made of noodles in broth. It is often served with various toppings, such as pork, chicken, eggs, or vegetables. Ramen can be made with different types of noodles, including wheat, buckwheat, and rice. There are wide varieties of ramen available today, but not all are halal. If you’re finding the best halal ramen out there, then keep these five factors in mind!

Factor #1: The Type Of Noodle

The type of noodle is an important consideration when it comes to finding the best halal ramen. Three main types of noodles are used in ramen: wheat, buckwheat, and rice. Wheat noodles are the most common type of noodle used in ramen. They’re made with wheat flour and water and have a chewy texture. Buckwheat noodles are made with buckwheat flour and have a firm texture. Rice noodles are made with rice flour and water and have a softer texture.

Factor #2: The Broth Base

Another factor to consider when finding the best halal ramen is the broth base. The most common broth bases used in ramen are pork, chicken, and vegetable. Pork broth is made with pork bones and fat and has a rich flavor. Chicken broth is made with chicken bones and has a lighter flavor. Vegetable broth is made with vegetables and has a milder flavor.

Factor #3: The Toppings

Toppings are another important factor to consider when finding the best halal ramen. Common toppings include pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables, and seaweed. Ramen can also be topped with fishcake, cheese, or other ingredients. When choosing toppings for your ramen, be sure to select ones that are halal.

Factor #4: The Spiciness Level

If you like your food spicy, then you’ll want to find halal ramen that has a high spiciness level. Some ramen dishes are very spicy, while others are not so much. If you’re unsure how spicy you can handle, start with a milder dish and work your way up.

Factor #5: The Place Of Origin

The place of origin is another factor to consider when finding the best halal ramen. Ramen originated in Japan, but it has also become popular in other countries. Today, you can find ramen shops worldwide, including in the United States, Canada, and Europe. When choosing a place to eat ramen, be sure to select one that is halal-certified.


If you’re looking for the best halal ramen, then keep these five factors in mind. The type of noodle, broth base, toppings, and spiciness level are all important considerations. Additionally, be sure to choose a place of origin that is halal-certified. With so many delicious options available, you’re sure to find the perfect bowl of ramen for your taste buds! Bon appetit!

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