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Why organic goat milk baby formula is a great alternative for breastfeeding

The standard for infant feeding is breastfeeding, however there are mothers that are unable to breastfeed their babies in this way. For these mothers it is very important to have a safe feeding alternative. That’s where we introduce goat milk infant formula. Goat milk has been around the world for centuries and has also been used as infant formula. Some countries are more familiar with it than others, this because cows’ milk is also a loved ingredient for baby formula. In this blog we will inform you all about the use of goat milk in infant formula.

Goat milk versus cows’ milk

Compared to cows’ milk, goat milk is more similar to human milk. Research has shown that goat milk contains more short-term fatty acids than milk of cows. The intestines can absorb these short fatty acids more easily. They are passed on directly through the blood to the liver. In this process they are immediately processed and not absorbed first. With long fatty acids, this is not the case. These acids cannot be processed directly through the blood. These long fatty acids have a cholesterol-raising effect, since they are packed in cholesterol. In contrast to cow’s milk, goat’s milk contains a higher percentage of fatty acids that will not raise the cholesterol level. Which means that goat milk formula is not only a safe alternative, but also has a few advantages over cows’ milk formula!


In addition to fatty acids and protein, goat’s milk also consists of carbohydrates. These are very important nutrients for growing children. Babies need extra energy, which they will get when they are fed with carbohydrates (among other things). If your baby is sensitive to lactose, then goat’s milk is perfect for them. Goat’s milk contains less lactose than cow’s milk. So if this is the case, you might want to give goat’s milk a try.


Holle formula has a wide range of organic goat milk infant formula. Holle’s products were initially sold in Switzerland and Germany. After having different positive experiences, they decided to expand their products to other countries as well. Holle’s products are now available in 40 different countries.



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